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Matthew Prower

Cartoonist | American-Asian | Boy

Bio Sofar:

"Have you found the red key yet? When you get the red key head back through the hedge maze to the scientist's lab. There you'll see three locks. Put the key into the far most left one. That'll will open the door to the +1 battle ax of Tzentch but also will release 3 time wyverns. Defeat them and save the gnome princess they were guarding. She'll join your party if you have positive reputation with the dragon clan and negative reputation with Majik Inc. If you have a high heart rating she will attack you if you talk to her so you'll need to use your time phase power and beat the QTE. Hopefully you didn't reduce funding because you will regret it.

"This of course assumes you defeated the first three gym leaders using only the shotgun."

Citrus Fruit
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